Joyce Arneson

Prior Lake Players has an abundance of actors who have been an inspiration for Joyce. Although she hasn’t appeared previously in a performance with PLP, she has spent time behind the scenes for almost every play for the past 11 years.  She and her husband Don share a love of theater and are happy to be a part of this great organization. She wanted a small part and found one – this could be the beginning of something big! Continue reading “Joyce Arneson”

Harvey – Fall 2017

Comedy Written by Mary Chase

Directed by Lisa Johnson & Thomas Renner

Continue reading “Harvey – Fall 2017”

‘Noodle Rat Rotten Hat’ 2016

A Children’s Musical By Gary LaVigne

Directed by Kay Dunning & Sheri Brunner

Lauren Frank – Little Red Riding Hood
Abby Leach – Gretel
Abigail Bohlen -Booky Bear Twin
Anna Clausen – Flower Bear
Audrey Klein – Goldilocks
Austin Runchey – Wolf
Avery Fowble – Sporty Bear
Bella Klein – Woodsprite – Blossom
Bria Fowble – Giggly Bear
Brynn Larscheid – Sleepy Bear
Danny Bergan – Ducky Bear
Ella Carlson – Big Sister Bear
Ella Renner – Nerdy Bear
Ellie Runchey – Binky Bear
Grace Galbus – Baker Bear
Grace Redlon – Woodsprite – Rustic
Haven Fisher – Messy Bessy Bear
Jim Bergan – Jack-0 The Crow
Joshua Aldrich – Hansel
Kiera Priebe – Gymnast Bear
Kim Bergan – Witch
Lauren Frank – Little Red Riding Hood
Mallory Stack – Bouncy Bear/Child Witch
Megan Norris – Woodsprite – Twig
Nissa Frederikson – Woodsprite – Sylvan
Nora Renner – Pirate Bear
Rory Bellmont – Crafty Bear
Sabrina Jaspers – Ballerina Bear
Samantha Pappenfus – Woodsprite – Fern
Sophia Hauser – Hippie Bear
Wyatt Gillis – Booky Bear Twin

‘Charlotte’s Web’ 2015

Adapted by Joseph Robinette. Based on the book by E.B. White.

Directed by Lee Gillis & Kay Dunning.
Assistant Director, Gabby Stephans

Wilbur – Katie McCall
Charlotte – Erin Sipe
Fern – Jordan Mattson
Templeton – Jeff Bryant
Narrators – Kimberly Bergan, Gabriela Leovan, Melanie Schmidt
Homer Zuckerman – Dan Stephans
Edith Zuckerman – Linda Hayen
John Arable – Karl Brown
Martha Arable – Sara Evans
Avery Arable – Jack Speltz
Lurvy – Nick Hayes
Goose – Natalie Dekker
Gander – Jim Christenson
Sheep – Harry Algyer
Black Fur Lamb – Bella Heaney, Audrey Klein
Announcer And Judge – Gretchen Tate
Reporter And Judge – Gabby Stephans
Photographer – Juris Ozols
Uncle – Justin Dekker
Spectator and Fairgoer – Kristina Zerwas, Lauren Frank, Grace Galbus, Ellie Runchey, Nora Renner
Spiders – Daniel Bergan, Anna Clausen, Samantha Morrell, Olivia Rangel, Ella Carlson, Abigail Fouberg, Megan Norris
Cows – Kristina Zerwas, Joshua Bergan, Ellie Runchey, Anna Clausen
White Fur Lambs – Lauren Frank, Sevi Malone, Nora Renner
Ducks – Samantha Morrell, Daniel Bergan, Zachary Schabert, Sabella Malone
Dogs – Nico Rivera, Grace Galbus, Sophia Hauser
Mice – Olivia Rangel, Ella Carlson, Abigail Fouberg, Megan Norris

“Charlotte’s Web” – Cast

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Charlotte’s Web 2015

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‘Oliver’ 2014

Music, Book and Lyrics by Lionel Bart

Directed by Kay Dunning & Todd Loose

Cast – ‘Oliver!’ 2014

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Rehearsal - Prior Lake American