‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!’ 2017

“We have good versus evil, we have the moral that working together can overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable, and we have a dancing, two-person cow,”

Kay Dunning

Directed by Kay Dunning & Sheri Brunner

A delightful, musical adaptation of the popular English folk tale, Jack and the Giant. Includes storyline based on the Book by Vera Morris. Music & lyrics by Bill Francoeur. Continue reading “‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!’ 2017”

‘Noodle Rat Rotten Hat’ 2016

A Children’s Musical By Gary LaVigne

Directed by Kay Dunning & Sheri Brunner

Lauren Frank – Little Red Riding Hood
Abby Leach – Gretel
Abigail Bohlen -Booky Bear Twin
Anna Clausen – Flower Bear
Audrey Klein – Goldilocks
Austin Runchey – Wolf
Avery Fowble – Sporty Bear
Bella Klein – Woodsprite – Blossom
Bria Fowble – Giggly Bear
Brynn Larscheid – Sleepy Bear
Danny Bergan – Ducky Bear
Ella Carlson – Big Sister Bear
Ella Renner – Nerdy Bear
Ellie Runchey – Binky Bear
Grace Galbus – Baker Bear
Grace Redlon – Woodsprite – Rustic
Haven Fisher – Messy Bessy Bear
Jim Bergan – Jack-0 The Crow
Joshua Aldrich – Hansel
Kiera Priebe – Gymnast Bear
Kim Bergan – Witch
Lauren Frank – Little Red Riding Hood
Mallory Stack – Bouncy Bear/Child Witch
Megan Norris – Woodsprite – Twig
Nissa Frederikson – Woodsprite – Sylvan
Nora Renner – Pirate Bear
Rory Bellmont – Crafty Bear
Sabrina Jaspers – Ballerina Bear
Samantha Pappenfus – Woodsprite – Fern
Sophia Hauser – Hippie Bear
Wyatt Gillis – Booky Bear Twin