‘Alice in Wonderland’ 2012

by Lewis Carroll

Directed by Justin Dekker & Melissa Cummings

Alice – Andrea Gullixson
Alice’s Kitten – Joey Atkinson
White Rabbit – Natalie Dekker
Mouse – Libby Yost
Dodo – Ryanne Dunning
Lory – Gillian Mueller
Duck – Stacy Pearson
Eaglet – Maddie Anderson
Caterpillar – Karen Welch
Fish Footman – Sierra Masson
Frog Footman – Kristina Zerwas
The Duchess – Vanessa Martin
Cook – Renae Lawrence
The Baby – Jadyn Lawrence
Cheshire Cat – Christine Keller
Mad Hatter – Kirsten Gerhardt
March Hare – Jeff Bryant
Dormouse – Maria Atkinson
Red Queen – Tia Picard
Train Guard – Gillian Mueller
Person in White Paper – Maddie Anderson
Goat – Jojo Sandberg
Beetle – Maria Atkinson
Tweedledee – Ryanne Dunning
Tweedledum – Lisa Atkinson
The Walrus – Harry Algyer
The Carpenter – Jeff Bryant
Oysters – Grace Galbus, Alexa Hartmann, Ellie Laurienzo, Kate Logan, Sophie Nelson, Zach Schabert White
Queen – Meghan Irving
Sheep – Libby Yost
Humpty Dumpty – Greg Miller
White Knight – Jeff Bryant
White Knight’s Horse – Dashanel Wafford, Braeden Ericsson
Understudy for Alice – Libby Yost
Understudy for Mouse and Sheep – Maria Atkinson
Two of Spades – Braeden Ericsson
Five of Spades – Dashanel Wafford
Seven of Spades – Katie Thostenson
Queen of Hearts – Dana Shepard
King of Hearts – Harry Algyer
Knave of Hearts – Greg Miller
Two of Hearts – Jojo Sandberg
Hedgehogs – Joey Atkinson, Chayse Picard
Playing Cards – Jinelle Froese, Jillian Lawrence
Sydney Pearson, Tana Peterson, William Zerwas Gryphon – Caitlin Welch
Mock Turtle – Melanie Klingberg

Directors – Justin Dekker & Melissa Cummings
Set Design – Christine Keller, Justin Dekker
Construction Manager – Steve Hermansen
Set Construction & Painting – Harry Algyer, Pete Anderson, Don Arneson, Joyce Arneson, Lisa Atkinson, Maria Atkinson, Jeff Bryant, Melissa Cummings, Bob Cunningham, Bill Dekker, Justin Dekker, Karen Dekker, Natalie Dekker, Greg Galbus, Kirsten Gerhardt, Kristin Hammer, Steve Hermansen, Ann Howley, Meghan Irving, Christine Keller, Sean Keller, Scott Laurienzo, Melissa Masson, Sierra Masson, Brent Pearson, Stacy Pearson, Sydney Pearson, Ivan Peters, Laurie Petsch, Sally Sabathier, Greg Schabert,
Shawn Schabert, Caitlin Welch, Karen Welch, Bob Wiseman, Joanne Wiseman, Wyatt Wiseman, Kristina Zerwas, William Zerwas
“Wonderland” Backdrop Design – Bob Wiseman
Costumes – Kay Dunning, Christine Keller, Dana Shepard,
Vanessa Martin, Marsha Hill, Andrea Fisher, Ann Howley, Pat Steussy, Cast & Crew
Props Manager/Designer – Christine Keller
Choreography – Meghan Irving
Backstage(Tech Crew). Ann Howley, Kristine DCamp, Justin Dekker, Max Condra
Photographer & Videographer – Juris Ozols
Publicity – Melissa Cummings, Cast & Crew
Tickets Manager – J.oyce Arneson
House/Lobby Manager – Karen Dekker
Programs – Melissa Cummings
First Niters – Karen Dekker