‘Annie’ 2018

Based on Little Orphan Annie, the popular comic strip by Harold Gray, Annie has become a worldwide sensation. Winner of seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, the beloved show features a wonderful score written by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin, including the Broadway smash hit, “Tomorrow”. ~ StageAgent.com

Cast of 'Annie' at First Read Through

ANNIE – Mabel Weismann
MISS HANNIGAN – Kate Kennedy Spindler
ROOSTER- Joe Weismann
LILY- Kristi Turner-King
MOLLY (ORPHAN)- Layla Urban
JULY (ORPHAN)- Ellie Runchey
TESSIE (ORPHAN) – Grace Galbus
PEPPER (ORPHAN) – Kenna Ponzio
DUFFY (ORPHAN) – Rory Bellmont
KATE (ORPHAN) – Sydney Foss
ORPHANS – Kaitlyn Marie Albrecht, August Bagge, Annie Birkholz, Ella Carlson, Chloe Erickson, Abby Gogolin, Sophia Hauser, Evelyn Hiveley, Chloe Johanson, Linnea Jungers, Gabritta Keller, Sarah Langridge, Kaillee Nelson, Bella Patience, London Rogers, Renee Stich, Sofia Suarez, Gemma Wagley, Abbiekate Will, Elizabeth Wolff, Sydney Woyak, Kaia Wozney
BUNDLES – Todd Loose
BERT HEALEY – Harry Algyer
CONNIE BOYLAN- Colleen Elert
RONNIE BOYLAN – Kaitlynn Feuk
FDR CABINET MEMBERS – Wendy Hammer Hendrix, Todd Loose, Cathy Scott, Kim Svenningsen
LOUIS HOWE – Jeff Bryant
DRAKE – Jim Bergan
LT. WARD / COP – Jerry Schrank
APPLE SELLER – Meghan Pedersen
SOPHIE – Wendy Hammer Hendrix
DOG CATCHER – Jamie Koblas
STAR TO BE –  Jojo Sandberg
FRED MCCRACKEN – Kim Svenningsen
MRS. GREER –  Rebeca Ratté
MRS. PUGH – Lisa Linnell
Sandy – Biscuit
WARBUCKS MANSION ENSEMBLE – Lauren Bliss, Anna Clausen, Rebecca Greengrass, Willow Haar, Sophia Holloway, Lisa Linnell, Christina Lucas, Bella Maldonado, Sevi Malone, Megan McCarthy, Christina Peterson, Gabriel Ratté, Paul Ratté, Rebeca Ratté, Kalyssa Schroeder, Stephanie Smith, Kristina Zerwas, William Zerwas
STREET SCENES ENSEMBLE – Beth Adams, Savanna Adams, Harry Algyer, Joey Atkinson, Danny Bergan, Gabriel Challberg, Kay Dunning, Bella Elert, Colleen Elert, Eric Feuk, Kaitlynn Feuk, Jacob Foss, Ethan Glynn, Tim Gogolin, Adam Greengrass, Wendy Hammer Hendrix, Ethan Heide, Lettie Hermann, Jamie Koblas, Jacob Lind, Todd Loose, Arnie Morrill, Meghan Pedersen, Jojo Sandberg, Joey Savage, Cathy Scott, Kim Svenningsen

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Performances (8 Total)

  • Fri 3/23 – Opening Night
  • Sat 3/24 – Matinee & Evening
  • Sun 3/25 – Matinee
  • Fri 4/6 – Evening
  • Sat 4/7- Matinee & Evening
  • Sun 4/8 – Matinee

Twin Oaks Middle School (15860 Fish Point Rd, Prior Lake, MN 55372)


*** Tuesday, March 6th – All Cast & Orchestra Needed for Rehearsal 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm***

Monday-Thursday February 12-March 9, March 19-21, 6:30-9:30pm

(March 12-16 rehearsals, if any, TBD)

Very limited rehearsal conflicts possible but will be worked around/considered.

All cast members must be available for ALL performances.  No exceptions.


Stage lighting washes out your face, so accentuate all your facial features using foundation, eyeliner, blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick. You can get a stage make up kit from Amazon for around $22.00. or purchase items at the cosmetic section in stores; they don’t have to be expensive. Your foundation should be 1-2 shades darker than your natural coloring. You may want to purchase a small package of baby wipes to remove makeup as well.


  • Please arrive in your first costume, PJ’s with hair and makeup done.
  • Makeup notes above with additional smudges on your face.
  • Hair should be messy.  Pigtails, braided, buns/updos, etc.  Some could even wear a hat.
  • When you get your nice dresses on, you will clean up your hair and makeup.
Mansion staff
  • Hair-men slicked back.
  • Hair-women neat bun in the back of your head if possible.  I have headpieces for you as well.

Starting Monday the 19th you will be rehearsing with all costumes all the time.  Please let me know if you are missing anything, ASAP, including your size.  I will try to get over break and have available for you.
  • younger cast, please bring a paper bag with your name on it to store your costumes that are not hung up.
  • ALL cast, starting again on Monday 3/19, your costumes will be hung on the hanging racks and will be stored in the green room.
  • please remember to wear something like a tank top with shorts underneath your costume to make ease of costume changes.  The main bathrooms will not be available once we have an audience.
Hooverville and NYC.  In the south hallway of the auditorium, are costumes you can use.  Plenty of coats, scarves, hats, gloves, etc.  Please ask Kay or Meghan for help, if needed.  Please try to brighten your NYC costumes.  If you are wearing a dark suit, try adding colorful tie, scarf, etc.
Cabinet members
Ladies, I think you are done
Men, please look through the suits in the hallway.  I have added some new ones that may fit.
FDR, I have missed you, hope you are feeling better.  There are somethree-piece suits for you to look at, hanging in hallway/costume area
I have found distressing costumes by soaking in tea unnecessary.  You can distress by adding patches, seam ripping the collars, wrists, and hems. There are patches available for you to sew onto your costumes in costume area.  Not everyone needs to add patches. Please plan to hang your dresses, and paper bag the rest.  All costumes should remain at the theater.
There are some sweaters you can use too, hanging in costume area.
Mansion staff
Men, your vests and bow ties are coming
Gals, you should have aprons unless you are a cook, they are coming
All ladies, I have headpieces for you, next week
French maids will be done next week as well.  Please remember to purchase a pair of fishnet stockings, except for Will :D.
Again, please let me know if you need help with any missing costume pieces.  I plan to pack up the unused costumes next week, so you have room to hang yours.  Please bring in the costumes I sent home with you and store at the theater, starting Monday 3/19.
The directors have final say on all costumes, even though you may have been cleared by me.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Costume Updates

All cast should start wearing the shoes and or boots they plan to wear in the show for rehearsals.

You should have your core costumes done by Thursday, March 8th.

We can start focusing on accessories: scarves, gloves, overcoats, etc. I will have items available for you to peruse at rehearsal that night. Thursday 3/8, will also be Orphan costume “distressing night”. Please bring in any costumes that need to be distressed. We should have patches available to sew on by then.

Click here for some hairstyle ideas. You can check with Anne, our hairstylist, for more information.

Congratulations and Welcome to the show!

My name is Lisa Johnson; I am the lead costumer for the show. I am really excited for you all and look forward to working with you in the area of costumes. Prior Lake Players has a pretty extensive costume shop but with a cast this size, your help would be greatly appreciated.

[Download PDF: PLP-Annie-Costumes]

My plan/goal:
• Leads & most speaking roles-Costumes will be provided, unless you have your own. Please let me know if this may be the case.
• Chorus (Orphans, Hooverville, Servants and NYC)-I am asking the orphans and chorus, if you are able, to provide your own costumes. I have costume suggestions listed below, and the internet has ample images for you to view for additional costume ideas as well. I can send you some pictures via email as well, to give you additional ideas.
• All costumes must be approved by directors on or before Monday 3/12.
• Partial dress rehearsal Thursday March 15, if a full cast rehearsal.

I am more than happy to help anyone with their costumes. If you would like my help, please send me your name, role, dress, shirt and pants size. Please direct your questions or concerns to me, but directors have the final approval. My contact information is Lisa7j@Gmail.com or text 952.457.4742.

All Cast members must provide your own:
• shoes, tights, stockings, anklets, etc.
• Undergarments to allow for costume changes without a changing room. I suggest T-shirt and shorts, unitard, etc.
• Make up

• December 1933
• New York City and Washington DC

Orphans-3 outfits, think layered
1. Pajamas-White, ivory, or light grey cotton or flannel nightgowns, two piece pajamas, Cotton slips or long johns. Please stick with solids or small, background print. We will be dirtying these up.
2. Orphan outfit-dirty/dingy looking patches. Dresses or shirt-skirt combo. Layered with a loose fitting jumper or ill fitted sweater/cardigan. Ill fitted stockings or anklets. Scuffed up Black or brown lace up boots or dance shoes.
3. Christmas Dress-A formal dress of any color, 1930’s looking with bows or sashes. White anklets and black “Mary Jane” style shoes.

Hooverville – Chorus
Overall costumes should be dull colored, dingy, worn out, oversized, patches and holes. Scuffed up, lace up boots in brown or black or dance/character shoes
• Pants, overalls or knickers. (Players has a lot of boy knickers and Henley style shirts)
• Suspenders
• Vests, hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves
• Overcoats
• Cotton, Flannel or Henley shirts
• Skirts or dresses
• Overcoats
• Hats, scarves, fingerless gloves

Servants – Crisp and clean.
Men/boys (Players to provide green vests and bow ties)
• Black shoes and socks
• Black pants
• Extra clean, white, button down shirts
Women/Girls (Players to provide tops, head dress and aprons)
• Black character/dance shoes
• White anklets
• Black skirts ankle length. Players has a number of these and probably have one for you

NYC-Chorus (casual dress, brighter colors)
• Long pants, button down white shirts and tie
• Dark lace shoes
• Hats, scarves, and gloves
• suits
• Over coats
• Dresses, suits, or skirts
• Overcoats
• Hats and gloves
• Character or dance shoes

General notes
• As roles are being assigned, I plan to be providing the costume pieces you will need.
• Again, the costume shop has ample supply of costumes. Once I am aware of your rehearsal schedule, I will be bringing items to rehearsals for you to try on and assign. I will also be scheduling days and times to meet at our costume shop for your convenience.
• Ladies servants, please email me your top/blouse size as soon as possible.
• French maids, please let me know your dress size as soon as possible. ADD fish net stockings



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