The Treasurer is responsible for managing revenue accounts and preparing financial statements for the organization.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the deposit in designated accounts of all revenues of the organization, all disbursements of the organization funds, and the observance of budgetary limits on such disbursements, the establishment of charge accounts in the name of the organization, the placement of insurance as required, and maintenance of financial status after each production and a complete financial statement at the end of each fiscal year, to be reported to the general membership during any general membership meeting.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall coordinate the preparation of an operating budget consisting of anticipated non-production related expenses (insurance, postage, stationery, supplies, rentals, social events, scholarships, contributions, etc.) for the year.

The treasurer shall be responsible for the accuracy, completion and timely delivery of all tax, federal, state, local and 501(c)(3)documents needed to ensure proper and legal standing and business.

The treasurer is to archive all banking, financial, tax, government and non-profit documents and also making them publically available to the Board of Directors for review.

Fiscal Year Financial Statements

Statement of Financial Position Summary

Statement of Activity by Class

Statement of Activity

Statement of Cash Flows

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