Disney's High School Musical Read Through

Read through has been moved to Monday, 2/15.  Please ensure you have your activity fees and volunteerism deposit checks with you for check-in at read through.  Location is Holy Trinity and time is 6PM!

High School Musical Cast List


Troy Bolton:              Hunter Gehrman

Chad Danforth:        Garrett Orlow

Zeke Baylor:             Nick Hayes

Jason:                        Will Allan



Sharpay Evans:         Laura Grieme

Ryan Evans:               Luke Brand

James:                         Jack Speltz

Susan:                          Elle Remde

Cathy:                           TBD

Alan:                             Will Allan

Cyndra:                       Gabriela Leovan

Other Thespians:       Ellen DeCesare

                                      Allison Gillett

                                      Ellen Rausch



Gabriella Montez:      Hiban Hassan

Taylor McKessie:       Gabi Jones

MARTHA COX:          Blayke Riggs

Kratnoff:                      Heidi DCamp

Other Brainiacs:        Brooke Oliver

                                     Bella Maldonado

                                     Jacquelyne Nguyen

                                     Hannah Timmerman

                                     Haley Schultz



Ripper:                         Sam Schuring

Mongo:                        TBD

Other Skater Dudes: Lauren Steffi

                                      Maddy Lundquist

                                      Alyssa Ehlen



Jack Scott:                   Jack Speltz

Kelsi Neilson:             Kristina Zerwas

Wildcat Cheerleaders/ Jocks:

                    Lydia Block

                                    Zoe Zweber

                                   Courtney Helgemo

                                    Malory Gryting-Geriach
                                    Kyndra Lee 

                                    Megan Ostigaard

                                    Nicole Allan

                                    Maria Atkinson



Ms. Darbus:                Jenna Geris

Coach Bolton:            Dan Stephans

Ms. Tenny:                  Peggy Allan

Cast List for Noodle Rat Rotten Hat

Character   Cast Member Name
Jack-O   Jim Bergan
Little Red   Lauren Frank
Wolf   Austin Runchey
Goldilocks   Audrey Klein
Hansel   Joshua Aldrich
Gretel   Abby Leach
Witch   Kim Bergan
Rustic   Grace Redlon
Sylvan   Nissa Frederikson
Blossom   Bella Klein
Fern   Samantha Pappenfus
Twig   Megan Norris
Big Sister Bear Ella Carlson
Binky Bear Ellie Runchey
Booky Bear 1 Abigail Bohlen
Booky Bear 2 Wyatt Gillis
Bears   Grace Galbus
    Brynn Larscheid
    Danny Bergan
    Rory Bellmont
    Ella Renner
    Nora Renner
    Sabrina Jaspers
    Mallory Stack
    Anna Clausen
    Sophia Hauser
    Haven Fisher
    Avery Fowble
    Bria Fowble
    Kiera Priebe


Auditions cancelled for Tuesday 2 February

If you're south of the river and look out the window you'll know what I'm about to write... Auditions for tonight are cancelled for both HSM and NRRH. Both are rescheduled for THURSDAY from 6-9. HSM will be at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church in Prior Lake and NRRH will be at Glendale United Methodist Church in Savage. Both locations are the same as they would have been for tonight.

Read through for NRRH will be on Friday at Glendale and callbacks for HSM will be Monday the 8th at Trinity. Any changes or updates will be posted here and on our website.

Enjoy the snow!

Extended Audition Date for Disney's High School Musical

We are holding one more night of auditions for Disney's High School Musical and moving the callback date.  We're hoping to get the cast filled out (including chorus) and definitely need more male cast members!

The additional audition night will be from 6-9PM on Tuesday February 2nd at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church (16150 Arcadia Ave, Prior Lake).  Callbacks will be on Thursday February 4th, same time and place.


Noodle Rat Rotten Hat

THe Prior Lake Players are pleased to announce our SECOND spring 2016 show: Noodle Rat Rotten Hat

Auditions:  Feb 1 and 2 from 6:00-8:30pm at Glendale United Methodist Church, 13550 Glendale Rd, Savage 55378
            Children ages 7-14 or 15, parts for approximately 20 children

            Come prepared to sing something like happy birthday or twinkle, twinkle little star (there are a few solos in the show and some group songs)

Storyline:  The story of Little Red Riding Hood and her adventures on the way to Grandmother's house. She makes many friends along the way including a wolf with a speech problem, Goldilocks, a bunch of bears on a picnic and Hansel and Gretel. Unfortunately, they've all gotten lost in the woods and a mean witch is threatening them.  Can they outsmart the witch and can the Wolf help them?

Rehearsals and our first read-thru will begin Thursday, Feb 4 at Glendale Church at 6:00pm

Performance dates are Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5 at 7:00pm at TOMS

Disney's High School Musical

The Prior Lake Players are excited to announce our Spring 2016 production will be Disney's High School Musical!

Performances will take place in April and close on May Day. Evening performances will start at 7PM and will be held on the 22nd-23rd and 29th. Matinee performances will be held on April 24th at 2PM, April 30th at 1PM and May 1st at 2PM.  Performances will be at Twin Oaks Middle School (15860 Fish Point Road , Prior Lake, MN 55372)

Auditions for Disney's High School Musical will be held on January 25th and 26th at Holy Trinity Methodist Church in Prior Lake from 6PM-9PM.  Callbacks will be on the 28th, same time and place.  Auditions are open -- no appointments are necessary.

Roles in the show are available for ages 13-30.  The cast will be approximately 35-40 people and the majority of roles will be for characters that are high school age.  There is one adult male and one adult female role as well.

Auditioners should prepare a short segment (one verse plus chorus) of a Broadway showtune (does not necessarily need to be High School Musical) that shows their vocal talent. An accompanist will be provided. Auditioners may also be asked to sight-read a piece. Auditioners should be prepared to list their potential rehearsal conflicts.

Rehearsals will tentatively begin the week of February 1st. More information will be available at auditions.


Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI

Book by

David Simpatico

Songs by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil; Ray Cham, Greg Cham and Andrew Seeley;

Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn; Andy Dodd and Adam Watts; Bryan Louiselle;

David N. Lawrence and Faye Greenberg; Jamie Houston

Music Adapted, Arranged and Produced by

Bryan Louiselle

Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie Written by(50% of title)

Peter Barsocchini