The Publicity Manager is responsible for all production related publicity.

The Publicity Manager shall be responsible for all production related publicity including, news releases, photographs, flyers, posters, direct-mail pieces, website communication, social media posts and preview appearances by cast members before civic or social groups or on radio and television.

He/she is also responsible for assembling the material, other than advertising, to be included in the playbill and arranging for creation, printing, folding and stapling of the programs.

The Public Relations Director will always hold this position unless the Public Relations Director, Producer or Artistic Director appoints a replacement, and the Board approves the appointee by a four-fifths vote.

Publicity Committee

Publicity volunteers are responsible for communicating with groups, working with promotions, gathering/ administering surveys etc. during the production.
Responsibilities include:

  • Visiting schools, local businesses to display flyers & postcards
  • Submitting press releases for auditions, cast announcements & shows
  • Updating website content & social media channels
  • Sending email campaigns to current subscribers
  • Updating database for contacts and performances
  • Ordering print materials, promotional items & electronic signage
  • Producing & ordering show programs
  • Producing & ordering collateral for community events
  • Support publicity team with tasks during the production

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