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August 27, 2021
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Sorry, Wrong Number (May 28, 2021)

  • May 28, 2021 7:00 pm (Friday)


In 1943, Sorry, Wrong Number first aired on the Suspense radio program. The story by Lucille Fletcher went on to be adapted to become a movie, and a later production of the radio program won The Edgar Award for Best Radio Drama.


Mrs. Elbert Stevenson, an invalid woman confined to her bed, attempts to call her husband, who is working late. Frustrated with the busy signal, she seeks the help of the operator who connects her through to what she assumes is her husband's office phone. Instead of hearing his familiar voice, she listens in on a conversation where two men are plotting a murder. The victim is a woman, home alone, who lives near a bridge. The men plan for the attack to take place just as the train crosses the bridge, so the sound will mask any screams from the victim.


    Mrs. Elbert Stevenson (Agnes)Tinka LaLonde
    Jim (Man)Dave Nicolai
    GeorgeMike Reardon
    Police Sgt. MartinNathan Edwards
    Telephone OperatorSara Evans
    Chief OperatorGabrielle Stephans
    Information OperatorNathan Edwards
    Western UnionNicholas Kingdon
    Hospital ReceptionistKatie McCall
    Man in BlackNicholas Kingdon
    AnnouncerMike Reardon

Creative Staff

    DirectorSheri Brunner
    Assistant DirectorDan Stephans
    Audio EngineerChristian McCall

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